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5 mistakes you're making on YouTube and how Lensotube can help

So you started a YouTube channel. You’re creating and uploading videos, but still have barely any views. It’s frustrating! Why does no one watch? Chances are, you’re making some common mistakes. Read on to learn the top 5 errors killing your YouTube views and how Lensotube can get more eyes on your channel.

Mistake #1 - Bad Thumbnails  

You may not realize it, but your video’s thumbnail is supremely important. This small image is the first thing viewers see when browsing YouTube. If your thumbnail looks amateur or dull, people will skip right over your content without a second glance. 

The fix? Create eye-catching custom thumbnails that pop. Use bold colors, interesting visuals and compelling text. Services like Lensotube have professional designers who can make high-quality thumbnails that draw attention.  

Mistake #2 - Boring Titles

Your title is just as vital as the thumbnail. Generic, dull titles don’t reel viewers in. Lengthy or confusing titles may lose people too.  

Instead, use titles about 60 characters long that clearly state what the video is about. Include exciting keywords people search for. Lensotube’s tools help you find trending keywords so your titles are search-friendly.

Mistake #3 - No Calls to Action 

Many creators simply upload their videos without any strategy behind them. They expect viewers to spontaneously watch, like and subscribe. But you have to directly ask people to interact!  

So include clear calls to action, both verbally and with simple text overlays. For example, remind people to like, comment, subscribe and tap the notification bell. Services like Lensotube will provide you with subscribe animations which you can use in your videos.  

Mistake #4 - Ignoring External Traffic

Relying solely on YouTube’s internal algorithm to push your videos leaves you at its mercy. But you can drive more viewers to your channel directly too. 

Post your content on social media, forums, Reddit and elsewhere with catchy descriptions and captions leading back to your YouTube channel. Lensotube helps distribute videos widely across the web to pull in streams of new viewers through Ads and other services.

Mistake #5 - No Promotions   

Finally, too many YouTubers expect their channels to grow without any promotion. But you have to actively boost visibility, especially when starting out. This is where services like Lensotube shine.

They offer affordable packages to kickstart your channel with views, likes, comments, subscribers and more. The engagement signals strength to YouTube and starts pushing your videos out to more suggested and search results. Plus, seeing views and likes already present makes new visitors more inclined to watch and subscribe too!

Stop Making These Mistakes!   

There you have the top 5 YouTube mistakes killing your channel’s growth and simple fixes for them all. Stop shooting yourself in the foot! Create compelling thumbnails and titles, include clear calls to action in videos, distribute externally and use promotions to gain momentum. Tools from Lensotube give you everything needed to start gaining loyal viewers fast.

What mistakes have you made on YouTube? What helped you finally gain traction? Share your experiences below!