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All of our loudspeakers share common design elements, performance characteristics and proprietary technologies. These factors allow the user to easily mix and match Gallo speaker products in a home cinema set-up, depending on application and/or budget.

For example, the Micro, Micro SE, A'Diva and A'Diva SE have similar power handling and nominal impedance characteristics, meaning that any combination of elements are possible. The A'Diva makes a perfect centre channel speaker in a Nucleus Micro system. The A'Diva or Nucleus Micro makes an ideal rear channel speaker in a Strada 2 home cinema system.

Uniquely, our speakers can each be purchased individually and colours can be mixed and matched (even within a single system). This flexibility takes the strain out of assembling a multi-channel home cinema and allows the user to easily configure a system for extended surround formats such as DTS ES and Dolby Digital EX if required.

No doubt about it, if you've heard a good home cinema system... you want one! Unfortunately, finding space in your listening room for five speakers (or even six or seven), plus a subwoofer, poses some serious interior design challenges.

For this reason, a Nucleus Micro, A'Diva or Strada 2 home cinema set-up (or a combination of the three) simply has no equal.

Given their tiny dimensions, placement flexibility and wide range of colours and textures, there's a Gallo loudspeaker to fit every application and colour scheme.

Add the bass wallop of our TR-1D or TR-3D powered subwoofer and every seat in your listening room becomes the best seat in the house.

Please email or call us to find out more about putting together your perfect home cinema system.

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