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S2 Technology
Employed in all of our loudspeaker products, our proprietary S2 technology extends low frequency response two full octaves lower than would otherwise be possible in speakers of this size.

S2 technology improves "Volumetric Efficiency" - in other words, how the speaker's drivers perceive the size of their enclosure.

Normally a speaker's volumetric efficiency is between 1 and 2, our S2 technology gives us a rating of 10. This means that our speakers operate as if the enclosure was 10 times its actual size.

Gallo Spherical Housings

Our patented CDT™ (as employed in our Dué and Reference models), is made up of a diaphragm membrane made of Kynar™, a cutting edge aerospace plastic. This diaphragm is then coated with pure silver because of its high conductivity and reliability, next we silver solder high quality, oxygen-free copper wires to each end of the diaphragm. Finally, the diaphragm assembly is tightly wrapped around a rigid polypropylene core. This inner core acts as attenuation for the driver's back-wave.

Unlike conventional drivers, the CDT™ doesn't use voice coils or magnets. Instead the signal is passed across the conductive surface of the diaphragm, which attempts to expand, while the shape of the driver supplies the necessary restorative forces.

CDTII Tweeter Technology

Ti Tech
The key to the performance of the Micro Ti and A'Diva Ti is our all-new full-range 3" Titanium Driver. The driver itself is made up of three key elements. First of all there's the Titanium cone that is exceptionally rigid, but has a relatively low mass - a combination that is key to loudspeaker sensitivity. It's also 75% stronger than the one found in the original Micro and A'Diva, and offers increased treble extension and power handling.

The cone itself is dampened with paper, the organic fibres of which smoothen response and provide a natural sound quality. They also physically dampen the driver to ensure that no spurious resonances are present.

Finally, the driver features a larger 1-inch voice coil powered by an extremely efficient oversized Neodymium magnet, the combination of which significantly reduces distortion and increases dynamic range.

Gallo Ti Tech