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Reference 3.5

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With the introduction of the Reference 3.5, Anthony Gallo has once again reinvented the high-end home loudspeaker.

Redeveloped from the ground up to incorporate numerous technological advances and performance upgrades, the Reference 3.5 replaces the award-winning 3.1 model, and outperforms its predecessor in every respect. The result is an inspirational loudspeaker that has the critics united in their praise.

Housed in a precision-engineered, cast aluminium chassis, you'll find two isolated spherical enclosures, holding carbon fibre mid-range drivers, alongside our amazing CDT™III tweeter - the latest evolution of our now legendary tweeter. By adding Optimised Pulse Technology® and OPT Level 2, along with our patented S2 Technology, we have managed to far surpass the musical boundaries set by the 3.1.

With the Reference 3 and 3.1 models, traditional spikes were used to couple the speaker to the floor. Anthony Gallo's philosophy for the Reference 3.5 is that the base should decouple the speaker from the floor. To this end, the base is made of Garolite, a high performance composite used extensively in the aerospace industries. A layer of Dermsol gel material is then applied to bottom of the base, completing the decoupling process.

The attributes that made Gallo famous: unparalleled transparency, sound stage and neutrality - are more evident than ever in the Reference 3.5. More importantly, there is an organic wholeness to its sound, connecting with the listener on a deep, emotional level. Whether used for two-channel listening or home cinema applications - the Reference 3.5 will leave a lasting impression.

Gallo OPT Cable

For optimal audio performance from the Reference 3.5, we recommend our new

OPT Reference Cable (left).

Full-height perforated grilles (pictured below) are available as an option for reference 3.5.

Gallo Reference 3.5
Gallo Reference 3.5

Frequency Response 34Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB/1 Watt/1 metre
Power Handling 350 Watts continuous undistorted
Drivers Dual 4" carbon fibre midrange drivers, Custom 10" dual voice coil bass driver
Tweeter CDT3 Tweeter 3kHz to 20 kHz, 300 degree dispersion across full tweeter bandwidth
Midrange Drivers Dual 4-inch, carbon fiber cone drivers optimized for crossover-less design
Woofer Custom long-throw 10-inch ceramic-coated aluminum cone dual voice-coil driver
Dimensions (mm): 889 (H) x 203.2 (W) x 406.4 (D)
Weight 47lb/21.3 kg each
Connections Gold plated metal binding posts for secure wire connection.
Finishes Black with stainless steel or all black.
Warranty 5 Years Parts and Labour
Gallo Reference 3.5

Reference 3.5 feedback

...the Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.5 is as close to the state of the art of loudspeaker technology as most of us will ever need. Bravo.
Soundstage Experience

Sonically, the Reference 3.5 has the ease and poise of a much larger and more expensive speaker. The Reference 3.5 is the most affordable speaker on this list and offers more than a glimpse of state-of-the-art audio.
Top 10 Greatest Speakers List - CNET

Compact, materially dense, geometrically complex, built with quality and exclusive components - the tweeter is utterly unique - the return of the Gallo Reference 3 in now point 5 iteration is another triumph of very clever engineering.

Reference 3 and 3.1 feedback

The Reference 3 was featured in T3's '100 gadgets to buy before you die' list
T3 Magazine

Reference 3's are rewriting the book on value in high-end loudspeakers, making accessible a level of performance that might previously have been far beyond reach for most of us.
The Absolute Sound

The Reference 3 produces sound of such neutrality and transparency that it could reduce grown men to tears of delight.
Hi-Fi Choice

Gallo Reference 3.5

Gallo Reference 3.5

Reference 3.5 pictured below with optional full-height perforated grilles.

Gallo Reference 3.5

Gallo Reference 3.5