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The all-new Strada is designed to shine in any environment, including those where traditional loudspeakers fall flat. We believe that limited space should not mean compromising on sound quality.

Strada builds on the successful design blueprint of our Dué AV loudspeaker. Think of Strada as Dué’s slightly bigger, beefier, better brother. Based around two 5" sperical mid-range encolsures as used in our class-leading A'Diva satellite speaker range.

Strada harnesses the extraordinary midrange and top-end performance of the award-winning Reference 3 system. Impressive power handling, 89dB sensitivity, 80Hz-40kHz frequency response and textbook perfect dispersion enable this magnetically shielded speaker to shine in any room, and with any system.

Available in two tweeter configurations to maximumise treble coverage based on your specific installation requirements.

Gallo Strada
Gallo Strada

Frequency Response 45Hz to 40Khz +/- 3db
(in room with boundary reinforcement, speakers within 1 foot of wall)
Impedance 8 Ohms nominal
Sensitivity 87 Db/1 Watt/1 metre
Power Handling 150 Watts RMS unclipped music power. Minimum suggested power 10 Watts RMS.
Tweeter Patented CDT II (Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer) sporting 180° horizontal dispersion from 3Khz to above 20Khz.
Woofers Two four-inch dynamic hyperbolic carbon fibre drivers optimised to integrate seamlessly with the CDT tweeter without the need for a crossover.
Enclosure type Sealed with Auxiliary Bass Cavity Supplementation and Patented S2 loading
Dimensions 127mm (w), 343mm (h), 191mm (d)
Weight 5.2kg
Connections 5 way gold plated binding posts developed specifically for Anthony Gallo Acoustics
Enclosure Material Powder coated cast aluminium chassis with brushed stainless steel spheres and powder coated stainless steel grilles.
Finishes Brushed stainless steel spheres with a black frame.
Warranty 1 years parts and labour. 5 years if product is registered within 60 days of purchase and with all documentation.

Gallo Strada

Performance has always been Anthony Gallo Acoustics' first priority. We insist that no speaker is complete until it has bested our previous efforts.

The result? Our most ambitious project to date, in the form of the Reference Strada and Reference Strada Centre. Loudspeakers that give new meaning to to the term "Price to performace ratio" and perform at a level which, for their size category, is simply unheard of.

Gallo Strada

After reviewing the latest data on psychoacoustics, we developed our Optimised Pulse Technology (OPT) System, which transcends the current boundaries of loudspeaker performance and invokes the same visceral impact we experience at live sound venues. The implementation of the OPT System also required us to re-engineer our critically acclaimed Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer (CDT™) and hence the CDT 3 tweeter was born.

Enhanced with the OPT System, Strada blurs the line between recorded sound and live performance. Whether resting on a shelf or fixed directly to a wall, Strada will redefine - both visibly and audibly - the term "Home Entertainment". Even against the wall, they produce the most expansive and full-bodied soundstage imaginable, without the necessity for a subwoofer.

The chameleon-like Strada is designed to shine in any environment, including those where traditional loudspeakers fail. We believe that limited space should not mean compromising on sound quality... if you feel the same, then Strada is a loudspeaker that you will enjoy time and time again.

"It seemed less like I was mixing recorded tracks and more like I was sitting in front of the band playing live."
Neal Pogue, Grammy Award-Winning Engineer

"The Gallo system's sound was sweet, detailed, pure and very, very natural."

"I know of no speaker under £12,000 that is more truthful or revealing. Integrating the Strada with the Gallo subwoofers opened up a seamlessly huge sound and stage, huge enough to outdo two hundred pound megaspeakers."
Pierre Sprey, Mapleshade recording engineer and audio designer

"At £2,500 for a system including a powered sub, two speakers, and stands, the Gallo Reference Strada sounded far better than many of its more expensive and exotic competitors..."
Charles Crowley, HE Magazine

"...the Reference Strada system's imaging and sound-staging are exceptional, and not just at the system's price point, but in an absolute sense, ...can, quite seriously, stand tall in comparison to systems twice its price."

"High performance of these speakers promises to enthral one and all. The stylish design and high tech technology, make these speakers a must buy!"

Gallo Strada