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Gallo Reference 3 was designed for the performance conscious audiophile.

This innovative model builds on the design philosophies of our original reference products, the Nucleus Solo and the Nucleus Reference.

Anthony Gallo and his team spent three years developing the design, with much of this time invested in critical listening tests.

Reference 3 is uniquely equipped to demonstrate the advantages of the leading high-resolution formats: DVD Audio and SACD. Very few high-end speakers, including the majority of £10K+ models can approach, much less equal, the Reference 3's extended high frequency response. None offer near omni directional (300 degree) dispersion. For the ultimate in neutrality and transparency, the Reference 3 operates without a crossover across most of its bandwidth - from 125 Hz to 50 kHz.

• Reference 3 features a revised version of our patented CDT™ tweeter, the CDT II™. A three-position tweeter level control accommodates a range of room acoustic variables.

• A pair of 4-inch hyperbolic carbon fibre drivers – each housed in its own ultra rigid, low diffraction, 5-inch, stainless steel sphere, handle the critical midrange frequencies.

• Low frequencies are reproduced by a long-throw, dual voice-coil, 10-inch woofer – that magnificent driver is acoustically "loaded" into the Reference 3's cast aluminium chassis.

The Reference 3 is equally comfortable being used in stereo or home cinema set-ups. The optional BAM (Bass Augmentation Module) 2 x 240 watt amplifiers extend the Nucleus Reference 3's bass response down to a room shaking 22 Hz.

The Reference 3 also features our proprietary and patented "Roundsound S2" technology. S2 de-couples the backwave of the driver from the air inside the enclosure. The benefits of S2 include superior low frequency extension, improved transient response and a substantial increase in efficiency.

Gold-plated, all-metal binding posts ensure secure speaker wire connections and the full-height perforated grille lends a more traditional appearance.

Each Reference 3 undergoes extensive computer quality control testing during manufacture.

Gallo Reference 3

Gallo Reference 3

Frequency Response 34Hz - 50kHz +/- 3dB
Frequency Response
(active bass):
22Hz - 50kHz +/- 3dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 88 dB/1 Watt/1 metre
Power Handling 350 Watts
Driver Dual 4" carbon fibre midrange drivers Custom 10" dual voice coil bass driver
CDT Tweeter 300 degree dispersion 3kHz - 50kHz
Midrange Driver Material Carbon fibre
Dimensions (mm): 889 (H) x 203.2 (W) x 406.4 (D)
Weight 47lb/21.3 kg each
Connections Gold plated all metal binding posts for secure wire connection.
Finishes Black or stainless steel with black, cherry or maple base.
Warranty 5 Years Parts and Labour
Gallo Reference 3
Gallo Reference 3

Reference 3 featured in T3's '100 gadgets to buy before you die'
T3 Magazine

It seems completely risk-free to predict that this speaker is destined to become a true classic in due time. While nothing in our material world is perfect safe for new love, the Anthony Gallo Acoustic Reference 3 is about as perfect as any under-$5,000 speaker has a bloody right to be. It also has the cheekiness to force many higher-priced entries into having a lot of fancy explaining to do.

...unique speaker systems of futuristic and unconventional design, which will likely speak to the unconventional listeners and audiophiles who are not satisfied with mediocre products.
High-End - October 2004

Reference 3's are rewriting the book on value in high-end loudspeakers, making accessible a level of performance that might previously have been far beyond reach for most of us.
The Absolute Sound Issue 150

The Gallo Reference 3 seems to have considerably raised the standard
Positive Feedback

I think the Nucleus Reference 3 has the potential to be a classic in the truest sense.
Bound for Sound

The Reference 3 produces sound of such neutrality and transparency that it could reduce grown men to tears of delight.
Hi-Fi Choice

Gallo Reference 3