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MPS–150 Subwoofer

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MPS–150 is our original, highly acclaimed, powered subwoofer. It is the perfect companion for our Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué loudspeakers. The MPS 150 is a unique two-piece design giving 150 watts of tight, coherent, precise bass. This versatile design allows the amplifier and subwoofer sections to be positioned together or located separately – and they can be placed with the rest of your equipment or hidden away as desired.

With the MPS 150 even explosions have texture – and because we expect you to use your subwoofer for music as well as for home cinema, we used the highest quality woofer we could find. In fact, we had this one jointly developed with Peerless of Denmark to work synergistically with our patented S2 technology. The result is a subwoofer that slams out tight, coherent, precise BASS - without ever being over-powering.

Unlike many other manufacturers, we use the most conservative method when quoting power ratings for our speakers. MPS–150's 150 Watt rating is for continuous RMS – this means a continuous output, all day long, of 150 Watts. The unit uses a large, heavy power supply and very high quality components. Measuring by peak RMS, our amp would easily pass for a 300 Watt amplifier.

Better parts will deliver a better cinema experience
The woofer, or piston driver / cone, is the heart of any speaker design. Still, most manufacturers, especially at mass market system costs (£1,500 and under), use the least cost driver approach. They spend as little as they can. Most manufacturers do not pay much attention to detail or articulation in their subwoofers. They design their subs to be sound effects generators. It is for this reason that most sound terrible when you try to listen to music. They may hide their deficiencies if all they have to do is go boom, crash, bang - just don't ask them to make that bass drum sound tight or a jazz trio sound lifelike.

We believe that even explosions have texture. A better sounding speaker will give you better sounding effects. Why should we not be able to hear all the detail and not just some muddy, boomy, boxy sounding crash. Since we expect you to be able to use our sub for music and not just cinema sound effects, we use the highest quality woofer we could find. In fact, we had this one developed to work synergistically with our patented S2 technology. To call it heavy duty is an understatement. Weighing in at a hefty 15 pounds you are not likely to find one anywhere near this parts quality in a subwoofer costing less than one thousand dollars.

Gallo mps-150 Subwoofer

Running two subs is easy! Plus: No power cord, how can this be?
Flexibility is not something normally associated with subwoofers. Typically you try your best to hide the ugly thing in a corner or under a plant and sacrifice getting at the controls or finding the optimal room positioning. The MPS 150 allows you to remove the amplifier module and place it with the rest of your equipment while having to hide only a very small woofer housing. Our sub can be made small enough to actually fit under a couch or other pieces of furniture. It can do this while still having the output normally associated with subwoofers many times this size. More importantly, only the audio signal via a single wire needs to get to the sub. No power cord is involved and thus you are not limited by outlet location for your positioning!

Even though bass is omni-directional and subwoofers can be placed almost anywhere, that does not mean you are getting optimal performance. In the real World, most positions will have some drawback, either sonically or in compromising your decor. The best way to remove the decor compromise is to use a beautiful product. The best way to eliminate sonic compromise is to use two subs. Two subs gives you the ability to eliminate standing waves and other sonic problems while dramatically increasing bass output. We made it easy for you, and less expensive. Why purchase two subs when you can run two bass modules with one amplifier?

Frequency Response 24Hz to 160HZ
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Power Handling 240 Watts
Driver 10" long throw
Crossover 40Hz to 160Hz variable
Combined Weight 17.5Kg
Dimensions (AMP) 12cm (H) x 27.5cm (W)
Dimensions (SUB) 18cm (H) x 27.5cm (W)
Dimensions (TOTAL) 30cm (H) x 27.5cm (W)
Variable Phase Control 0 to 180
Warranty 5 Years Parts and Labour
Gallo mps-150 Subwoofer

The real star performer here is the subwoofer assembly. It slams out tight, precise bass without ever overpowering the satellites. It can do restrained too, adding an ambient rumble that creeps up on you when you're not expecting it.
Essential Home Cinema

A gem, fast as quicksilver and dynamic as a vial of nitro. A small wonder.
Perfect Vision

...they sound excellent with the little powered sub.

Gallo mps-150 Subwoofer