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The Anthony Gallo Acoustics TR-2 is small, high-output, high performance active subwoofer housed in a chassis of superior strength yet minimal mass. The cylindrical enclosure mirrors the spherical technology of our Nucleus Series speakers but provides larger internal air volumes and a flat rear panel for the controls.

We use a superior long-throw custom 10" custom woofer and a high-current 250-watt amplifier with an integral bass equalizer of up to 6dB of low bass boost.

The TR-2 offers 0, +3 and +6dB bass equalization settings to become uniquely adaptable to room size. A small room probably won’t require any boost. A large one might benefit from full boost. You're in control. Also, you no longer need to update your subwoofer when it comes time to move into larger quarters, simply change the EQ setting.

The TR-2 is no mere boom box. Remember the cylindrical enclosure – it's not a box at all. It therefore does not suffer from the common cabinet resonances of rectangular sub boxes. That's why it doesn't exhibit the usual smear, fuzz and uncontrolled muddiness of other, inferior subwoofers. The air trapped inside the box becomes the restoring force that prevents woofer overshoot and maximizes self-damping.

TR-2 versus TR-1
The TR-2 has the same driver and enclosure as the TR-1. It differs from the TR-1 in two important aspects: power and boost. The TR-2 increases the TR-1’s 100 watts to 250 watts, while EQ power grows from ?3 /0 /+3dB to 0 /+3 / +6dB. While they offer the same quality of sound yet output – the TR-2 is able to accommodate rooms of different sizes.

The TR-2 is available in Silver or Black.

Gallo Home Cinema
Frequency Response 20Hz - 180Hz
Power 250 watts Class A/B
Phase continuously variable
Low pass 40 - 180Hz, continuously variable
High pass 80Hz fixed, only on high-level output
Bass EQ -3dB, 0, +3dB
Power on/off rocker switch
Dimensions: 10.75" W x 12" H x 13.5" D
Weight 45 lbs
Connections RCA i/o ports, 5-way i/o ports
Finishes Black or silver
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labor
Gallo Subwoofer

Gallo’s TR-2 subwoofer...could turn sweet cream into butter.
Maximum PC

The TR-2 powered subwoofer provided excellent, tight, distinctive bass for both home theater and music applications.

The TR-2 is one of the best 10" subwoofers I’ve ever used.
Blast Magazine

Easily the best subwoofer we’ve ever tested.
Maximum PC

...sounded great – at times, almost scary.
Mix Magazine

The TR-2 subwoofer convincingly reproduced the whoomp of artillery shells...

The TR-2 is definitely one of the best subs I have heard in a while.

I never felt like I needed more from the sub.
Mix Magazine

...produced excellent, deep, tight bass.

Gallo Subwoofer