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Reference AV Centre

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The Reference Centre is a bespoke loudspeaker designed specifically to manage the critical centre channel duties within a Reference multi-channel system. Whether your preference is music or film, the Reference Centre will not only complement (some might say outshine!) even the most attractive video display components, but ensure that you are surrounded by and immersed in the highest quality of sound.

Borrowing design cues and key technologies from Anthony Gallo's flagship model, the Reference Centre swaps the Reference 3's 10" woofer for an additional pair of 4" drivers to handle the mid-range frequencies so vital to centre channel performance. The drivers themselves are Carbon Fibre and feature an extremely powerful Neodymium magnet. The 5-driver, 2.5-way design uses a version of our patented CDTII tweeter, that has been modified to reduce horizontal dispersion to 120 degrees to prevent cross-talk with the front left and rights.

When it comes to placing the Reference Centre, the choice is yours - the Reference Centre has been designed with installation flexibility very much in mind. All fixtures and fittings for wall-mounting are included as standard, with an optional Suspension System available for surface mounting.

The Reference Centre is the natural complement to the multi-award-winning Reference 3 or Reference AV, combining to create one of the most communicative multi-channel systems you could ever experience.

Gallo Reference AV Centre
Frequency Response 55Hz to 50Khz
Sensitivity 88dB
Power Handling 150 watts RMS – 300 watts peak
Impedance 8 Ohms
Driver Qty 4 – 4" Carbon Fiber
Tweeter CDT (Piezo film) 120-degree horizontal dispersion
2 Outer woofers cover 125Hz and down
(1st order low pass on woofers only)
2 Inner woofers cover 3Khz and down
Dimensions 25.20"W x 6.20"H x 6"D
Weight 22 Lbs / 10kg
Color Options Matte Black, Stainless Steel and Snow White
Gallo Reference AV Centre