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Reference OPT Cable

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Our Reference OPT Cable was created for a single purpose, to extract the best possible performance from our Reference 3.5 loudspeaker, and to do so at a lower price than that of competitive cables.

Anthony Gallo designed the original Reference 3 to be a "Real-World" reference loudspeaker, capable of delivering an enormous performance envelope in a compact, versatile speaker system priced within reach of all music-loving audiophiles. Six years of further refinement have culminated in Gallo's new Reference 3.5: the embodiment of everything Anthony Gallo has learned about speaker design.

One of Anthony's chief design goals has been to control every system variable, to allow the Reference 3.5 owner to experience the same level of audio performance that Anthony achieves in his design studios. Given the variables of the listening room, equipment, etc., Gallo developed proprietary "OPT" (Optimised Pulse Technology) to stabilize the electrical characteristics of the loudspeaker under the widest variety of conditions. On the back of the Reference 3.5 can be found a single "OPT Level 2" banana jack, located just above the speaker terminals. You'll find a corresponding banana plug on the Reference OPT Cable itself. Through precisely controlled wire winding geometry, this plug connects to the amplifier's positive (+) binding post, enabling Reference 3.5s to sound their best with a wide range of amplifier and system configurations.

Gallo OPT Reference Loudspeaker Cable

No expense has been spared in making the Reference OPT Cable the perfect match for the Reference 3.5s. Gallo uses 6-gauge, oxygen-free copper for positive and negative conductors, while a third 18-gauge conductor handles the OPT Level 2 signal. Carefully chosen insulation materials, silver solder and the best available spade lug connectors deliver "cost-no-object" performance at a surprisingly reasonable price. More importantly, each of these materials was selected for its ability to improve the sound quality of the Reference 3.5.

To produce this special wire, Anthony Gallo hired one of high end audio's most renowned and respected cable designers. Precision control of conductor windings and cable geometry, aerospace-grade termination techniques, and exceptional quality control, guarantee a level of manufacturing quality and performance unmatched by similarly priced cable.

While it's true that our Reference 3.5s will perform very well with a wide variety of quality speaker cables, we believe that the Reference OPT Cable delivers a superior and more consistent performance across a wider range of systems and environments.

Reference OPT Cable is supplied in pairs, each cable being 3m in length.

Gallo OPT Reference Loudspeaker Cable