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Reference AV, like its stablemate the Reference 3, looks and sounds like nothing that's been seen or heard before. Striking enough to complement even the most attractive of video display devices and capable of delivering an extraordinary surround sound experience, the Reference AV is one of a kind - just like its designer!

The genetics of the Reference AV can be traced back to the Reference 3, and the family resemblance can be heard as well as seen. The most obvious similarly is unique MTM array – the Mid-Treble-Mid arrangement which is comprised of a pair of four-inch drivers, separated by the remarkable CDTII™ tweeter.

The CDTII, with its textbook 300 degree dispersion pattern, gives the AV a wonderfully open sound which is spread widely throughout the room. The result is that everyone in the room experiences great sound – not just the person with the best seat!

The two other drivers which make up the MTM arrangement are 4" carbon fibre units that feature a very strong and highly efficient Neodymium magnet. The strength and quality of these drivers is such that no crossover is required above 100Hz, where your ear is most sensitive. The outer two drivers are also 4" carbon fibre designs, and thanks to Anthony's patented S2 bass-enhancing technology, are capable of reaching down to 55Hz - remarkable for such a compact driver in such a small enclosure.

Installation flexibility was a key consideration in the design of Reference AV. Wall-mounting the AV beside your video display couldn't be easier, with all fixtures and fittings included as standard. If you'd rather surface-mount your speakers, an optional Suspension System (shown right) is also available.

In multi-channel systems, the Reference AV is equally at home as either main left and right speakers or as rear loudspeakers, where their textbook dispersion helps remove the ping-pong effect of directional rear speakers. The result is jaw-dropping movie realism and wonderful musical clarity that lets everyone in the room experience sound as it was meant to be heard.

Gallo Reference AV
Frequency Response 55Hz to 35kHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Impedance 4 – 8 ohms
Power Handling 150 watts RMS, 300 watts peak
Drivers Four x 4" carbon fibre with neodymium magnets
2 Outer Woofers Cover 100Hz and down
(1st order low pass on woofers only)
2 Inner Woofers Cover 3kHz and down
Dimensions 25.12"(W) x 6.25"(H) x 6"(D)
Weight 23 lbs each
Tweeter CDT II™ piezo film
(300° horizontal dispersion)
Enclosure Aluminium/Stainless Steel
Finishes Matte Black,
Matte White,
Black over Stainless Spheres
Warranty 1 Year parts and labour
(extended to 5 years if product is
registered within 60 days of purchase)
User Manual
Gallo Reference AV

Gallo Reference AV

“With the Reference AV, Anthony Gallo has once again managed to create a standout design.”
Home Theater Magazine

“...delivered clear sound across a wide range of frequencies. Vocals distinctively stand out, and background details not only don't get lost, but very fine details are brought out to the listener...”

“...wide open, ultra transparent, fast and precise.”

“...these well thought-out speakers result from the kind of think-outside-the-box engineering that might have made the late, great Thomas Alva Edison smile.”
The Perfect Vision

“The dynamic range of the Reference AV speakers is amazing, yet it never came at the cost of detail, air and ultimate extension into my room.”
AV Revolution

“For those who can't justify discrete music and movie systems but wish to optimize one system to do it all, the Reference AV could prove to be the silver bullet.”

“ up to their name in every sense of the word and do so with such ease and grace that you?ll probably never question the need for more.”
AV Revolution

Gallo Reference AV